Saturday, July 9, 2011

The journey may start...

The sun is shining, sparrows are fighting over some breadcrumbs and I am sitting on a nice little balcony in Berlin taking my first steps into blogging cyberspace. Better late than never. The trip to Istanbul feels like it was yesterday and yet years ago in this mundane tranquility of a Saturday back street.
My mind is racing between the possibilities. All the thoughts that I had when I started thinking about a blog. Multiple personalities tried to express themselves, Fernando Pessoa was peeking over my shoulder and messing with my keyboard, flirting with Margaret Mead and Ruth Benedict over the shadows of Hofstede. But once I started typing, the chainsaw in the building site down the street began roaring and the noise of the kids playing on the street scared all these thoughts away. Maybe this will just be another blog about an individual lost in space, trying to find culture in the little corners of life and musing about the strange games that mind plays.
What is left is the wind playing with the leafs and the sun burning down. The TV tower is smiling down upon me and everyone else lazing in the city heat. Not bad for a Winter day in far-away NZ. Pretty good for a summer day in Berlin too.

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